First Facebook success story in the Baltics from Mediabrands Digital and airBaltic’s cooperation

Last month Facebook published the first success story from the Baltics which focuses on improving airBaltic’s results by employing innovative advertising solutions.

Erki Heinsaar, CEO of Mediabrands Digital comments:
“This is a great recognition for both our agency as well as airBaltic. We’re in the same category with the biggest companies in aviation, such as KLM, Air France and Momondo. There are only 17 travel industry success stories published for the Europe, Middle East and Africa region.

The story is a result of almost 2 years of hard work from the client and our team of specialists – we were one of the first in Europe to start using dynamic ads for travel and we use Facebook Attribution analytics tool to better understand customer journey and the role the different ad formats have in that journey.

This is also a great compliment to Estonia’s digital competency that we as Facebook’s partner could use their solutions that were still beta and by that achieve this success story.”